Lake Winnibigoshish

Lake Winnibigoshish, commonly known as Lake Winnie, is one of Minnesota’s largest and most popular fishing destinations. Covering over 67,000 acres, it offers exceptional fishing opportunities and is renowned for its walleye population and diverse aquatic life.


North-central Minnesota


67,000 acres


Maximum depth of 78 feet

Fishing Species


The most sought-after fish in the Bemidji area, known for its excellent taste.

Tips: Use jigs tipped with minnows or leeches along drop-offs and weed edges.


Known as the “fish of ten thousand casts,” muskie fishing is challenging but rewarding.

Tips: Trolling with crankbaits or casting large bucktail spinners near weed edges and rocky points.

Northern Pike

Aggressive predators that provide exciting action for anglers.

Tips: Jigging with live bait like minnows or using crankbaits in deeper waters during the day.


Prized aggressive fish known for their amazing fights.

Tips: Spinner Baits along weed edges, combined with wacky worms. Don't be afraid to go in to the weeds, Ned rigs have been a great option too.

Seasonal Fishing Tips


Focus on shallow waters for walleye and northern pike as they spawn.


Fish deeper for walleye, use nightcrawlers or leeches on a Lindy rig.


Target muskie with large lures; look for walleye in deeper waters using live bait rigs.


Ice fishing for perch and walleye; use small jigs with waxworms or minnows.

History and Interesting Facts

Lake Winnibigoshish has been a vital fishing ground for centuries, with its name derived from the Ojibwe word meaning “miserable dirty water,” though it is anything but.

Lake Winnie is part of the Mississippi River system and is a significant water body for ecological and recreational activities.

Learn more with the guide life!

If you have experienced Lake Vermillion Walleye fishing and want to learn more or if you have never been and want to see what this lake can offer, this is the show for you! LOA Guides Justin Chromy and Jason Freed head out on a cold weather day and put the forward facing sonar and slip-bobbers to work! Capitalizing on multiple big bites and a bunch of eaters to boot, these to show the full experience of what this beautiful lake has to offer and enjoy a great shore lunch to wrap it up!

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