Jason Freed

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Jason Freed

As a Minnesota walleye fishing guide as well as a guide for other fish species, Jason gets the pleasure to guide on many different lakes which makes it a unique and rewarding experience all in one. You can find Jason spending his time as a fishing guide on Lake Vermilion, Leech Lake, and the lakes in the Hackensack area. He will be spending the majority of his time on Lake Vermilion now. When he is fishing, Jason is the President of Leisure Outdoor Adventures so he is busy running and managing all operations within the guide service.

Outside of guiding, Jason is a High School Social Studies Teacher at Brainerd High School as well as a Varsity Football Coach for the Brainerd Warriors. He likes to say he has passion in life for the 4 F's, "Faith, Family, Fishing, and Football". He is married to Emilee and they have two daughters in Macin and Hayden.


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